We Are

Deaf Mystics

We are a Deaf and Deafblind Mardi Gras Organization that promotes betterment for our community. We are based in the birthplace of Mardi Gras in Mobile, Alabama. With the help of our Sponsors, Donators, Fundrising and our awesome members of Deaf Mystics of The Galaxies. Together we had made a difference.

What We Do

Every year during Mardi Gras season in the Birthplace of Mobile, Alabama. We do Annual Balls and Parade to spread Deaf and Deaf Blind Awareness. We also provide education about the Deaf and DeafBlind Cultures and Giving workshop how how we can work together to bridge the 2 world together

Our Philoshophy

When we come together, We can accomplish more in life with half the time!

Our Vision

We have a vision for a society in which all Deaf, Deaf Blind and late Deafness  people can fully participate.

The term deaf refers to adults and children who could be profoundly deaf, deafened, hard of hearing, deafblind or experiencing tinnitus, 

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the social inclusion and well-being of deaf people across the world.

This is achieved by:

  • Enabling better communications between deaf and hearing people.
  • Expressing the voice of deaf people to local decision makers.
  • Offering specialised support services tailored to the needs of deaf people.
  • Providing a community space which is culturally accessible to deaf people.
Our Values

Our Values underpin all we do and how we behave as an organisation and as individuals.

  • We believe deafness should not limit or determine opportunity; all people should be able to contribute and participate equally in their community.
  • We strive to challenge society to be more inclusive of deaf people and enable deaf people to participate in a full and equal manner.
  • We believe that deaf people are best placed to decide what help and support they require and how society can best adapt to their needs.
  • We focus on ability not disability and believe all people are resourceful and have the potential to grow.
  • We support and encourage deaf role models and leaders and equip deaf people to play a full role in society.
  • We believe more can be achieved by working together and actively seek to work in partnership.
  • We value our organization, they support each other and work together to solve problems and reach our overall goals.
  • We monitor all aspects of the work we do and the money we spend, we welcome and encourage questions from our guest, sponsors and donators

Our Royal Crowns

King Darryl Johnson
 Queen Monica Kemp Johnson
LGBTQIA+king Emelis Izaguirre-Frometa
LGBTQIA+ Queen Cynthia Izaguirre-Frometa

Our Board of Directors


President: Dusten Moss
Vice President: Cathy Powe
Secretary:Tasha Moss
Treasurer: Michael  Hill
Social/Ball Director: Brandy Andrews

Parade Directors: Debbie Thomas

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