Dress Code

Formality of Dress Code

Dress codes mainly originate from social norms and perceptions about wearing certain clothing based on occasion, circumstance, and purpose. As a result, we see variations in dress codes in different cultures and societies, given the differences in perceptions and norms.It allows you to express yourself at certain events, places, and environments. How well you follow a dress code also symbolizes your fashion sense and personality. However, people struggle with following dress codes simply because they are unaware of what’s expected.As a result, I’ll be breaking down the guidelines for what you should wear while attending an Mardi Gras Ball.

Understanding the dress codes defined broadly as formalwear helps you determine what attire is most appropriate for your event. White tie is the most formal dress code. Men wear tuxedos featuring a black jacket with tails, white bow tie and optional white vest. Women opt for floor-length evening gowns in dark colors. Black tie calls for men to wear a black tuxedo jacket and black bow tie with an optional cummerbund or vest. Dressy cocktail dresses, along with the classic floor-length evening gowns, are appropriate for women. Black tie optional is a notch below black tie, meaning men can wear black tuxedos or dark suits. Cocktail dresses are the typical choice for women. Mardi Gras Balls are White-Tie Event therefore the most appropriate for this event is white-tie attires. Below are some example of what you should wear when attending Deaf Mystics Ball.

Men Dress Code

White tie dress codes call for even dressier and more formal attire. For these events, the tuxedo jacket with tails, which should reach the back of your knees slightly. Complete the look with a white bow tie, crisp white pleated shirt , black pant and black shoes ( you can choose the vest and bow tie color as long as it is formal) not recommended but it up to you. Do not wear any color pants, jacket and shoes these are to be solid black only. If you do not follow “Mardi Gras Tradition” you will not be able to attend the ball.

Women Dress Code

 Women should wear a formal, floor-length evening gown for white-tie events. Choose dressy fabrics, such as silk, chiffon, taffeta or satin. Enhance the formality of the look with well-coiffed hair, such as a classic French twist; glamorous jewelry, such as diamond earrings or a necklace; and dramatic makeup, which can include a bold lip color.

Costume De Rigueur is Required

If you don’t follow the dress code you will not be allow to attend the Deaf Mystics Ball. The dress code is strictly enforced 

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Dress Code
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